Шутки в сторону 2 (2022) смотреть онлайн

Шутки в сторону 2 (2022) смотреть онлайн

The action takes the viewer to France, where, as in any modern country, organized crime still persists. The brave police, in the ranks of which the main characters - François Marie and Ousmane Diakité - serve in the fight against it. On duty the two captains do not meet and work on different assignments. However, a few years ago they managed to pull off a common case, but it did not end on a very positive note. They could not work together because they profess completely different styles.

But despite their differences, years later they are forced to work together again. They are assigned to investigate a drug dealing case, which at first glance doesn't seem like a big deal. However, having dug much closer, the heroes begin to realize that a strong criminal organization runs rampant in the city. It controls almost everything - from drug trafficking to the sale of weapons and even people. Numerous disagreements do not help the cops to work together too much, but with great difficulty they manage to learn more and more details. In addition, they regularly find themselves not only in dangerous but also in quite funny and ridiculous situations, each of which can put a cross not only on their careers but also on their lives.

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Шутки в сторону 2 (2022) смотреть онлайн смотреть онлайн

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