Прощайте, месье Хаффманн (2021) онлайн

Прощайте, месье Хаффманн (2021) онлайн

In 1942, part of France was occupied by German troops. In romantic Paris, the German invading army reigns supreme. The Nazis spare no one. They are cruel to local residents. On the town's main square, the Nazis announce to the assembled crowd that from now on everyone will live by the new rules. The occupiers begin to hunt the Jews.

The famous jeweler Josef Hoffman is in mortal danger. Until recently, the talented man was quietly engaged in his favorite business and dreamed of marrying his chosen one. However, circumstances forced him to feel like an outcast in his country. He does not want to leave his workshop. He must hide from his pursuers in a dark and damp cellar, and walk, like many of his tribesmen, in the clothes on which the yellow star is sewn.

The family business is threatened and the jeweler has to ask his former employee for help. Pierre Vigneault agrees to make a deal with the Jew. The Frenchman has long been in love with the beautiful Blanche and wants to marry her. Secretly, the men conclude what they believe to be a lucrative deal. Only the ingenious intruders do not realize that fate will dispose of it in its own way. The contract will radically change the lives of the three heroes.

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